Image Transfers

I’ve been experimenting with different image transfer techniques – one of the things I love about them is that there is often a distressed look to the images once they’ve transferred (another textural quality I seek). The distressed quality is random and natural looking, a hard characteristic to introduce to an image intentionally.

This image is part of a series of photographs I did last year with models titled “transits” (you can see more of this work on my website I combined movement of the camera with movement of the models and various exposure settings in an attempt to introduce an ethereal quality to the images.

This transfer was created by printing the image out on smooth watercolor paper and making a xerox copy of the print. I coated the xerox copy with gel matte medium, turned it image side down and applied it to another watercolor paper, applying enough pressure to transfer the image. After letting the gel dry completely I rubbed off the paper from the xerox copy with wet fingers.

This image is entitled “coy” and the introspective character of it is supported by the ephemeral quality of the transfer technique, I think.

I’m taking a workshop on various image transfer techniques next weekend (there are lots of ways to do it!), so hopefully I’ll be posting some different looks next week.

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