Inaugural Post

Welcome to my art blog!

After watching my wife, Susan, have such fun with her blog, especially meeting such interesting people all over the world, I’ve decided that I’d like to play too. After all, I was the one who patiently explained to her two years ago just what a blog was (having just read a book about them myself to find that out).

I have been making art in one form or another for the past 12 or 13 years. When I started, I was into photography, which remains an essential part of my work. I took a detour through painting for a few years, primarily pastels and some acrylics, but in the past several years have returned to photography.

At the moment I am experimenting with a number of alternative digital printing techniques (did I mention that I own a Digital Fine Art Printing studio in California?). I’m not real interested in “straight” photography anymore but in combining photography with traditional media and techniques.

Lately I’ve been playing with image transfers, printing on unusual substrates (handmade papers, acrylic gels, etc). So for a while I’ll be showing you some of the results of these art travels. I’d be interested in your comments so, feel free to let me know what you think.

This first piece is an image of grapes at a vineyard just down the street from us (yes, we live in Sonoma County, wine country!). I turned it into a sepia toned image and added some texture to the image by blending in a layer in Photoshop that was a closeup shot of a terracotta urn. I coated a ragged piece of handmade paper with Golden’s Clear Ground (which creates a receptor coating for an inkjet printer) and then output it on my Epson 9800 printer. Finally I coated it first with a Golden Gel gloss topcoat and then their Gel Matte topcoat. I love texture and am always looking for new ways to add texture to photographic images.


2 responses to “Inaugural Post

  1. Hi Bob!

    I am very happy that you have started a blog: it was most expected since I met Susan!When I am back home in July, i will surely study your posts which seem full of great ideas!
    But for now we are sitting now in our Boomobile, at one end of the European world in Portugal and the internet is exceptionally filling the air, together with some strong Atlantic wind and sunshine and screams of little children…
    Greetings, from Kevin too, and til soon!

  2. hi bob,
    thank you for visiting my blog and for your comment. You have a great blog here, I will definitely be back! I also combine my photographs with a variety of media. So many possibilities to explore! I love it.

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