Mixed Media Collage Adventures

In addition to photography, I also have done some painting in recent years, mainly pastels, but also some acrylics. I really like the textural capabilities of both of these mediums.

This piece is a recent effort in mixed media collage. I started with a background made using acrylics, soft and oil pastels and tissue paper. I then took pieces of giclee prints of 2 of my paintings that I did of street scenes in San Francisco and added them to this background.

Collage is very challenging for me because there is so much you can do and knowing when to stop or what is too much for the eye is not always obvious. My plan is to integrate this type of work with some of the experiments I’m doing with image transfers and overprinting with inkjet printers.

Yikes, my wife tells me I’m making all of this too complication and, as usual, she’s right! But it does make it interesting to see what happens.

4 responses to “Mixed Media Collage Adventures

  1. Welcome to our world, Bob! Great work, and it reminded me of a time I wandered the streets of San Francisco..I was on tour there in 1998, and I’d wandered off on my own into the Mission district, which is apparently unwise, particularly in a leather Raiders jacket, and I befriended a homeless woman, after I’d sat at a pavement cafe to eat some Pizza. I shared it with her, and had a wonderful conversation. So sad, that a wise, kind old lady could end up in such a situation- but it helped me put a human face on what had always been statistics to me.

    I loved San Francisco, it had that quality that Mojacar has, insofar as I knew it was a place I could live. Prior to visiting, I thought people were just plain daft to live on a fault line!

    What I like in this collage is the idea of what came before the city, before the hi-rises took over, like an imprinted memory of the past, great stuff.

  2. Smita

    Thanks for stopping by and for the kind comment! I live in Sebastopol, California about an hour north of San Francisco.

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