When I complete a piece that speaks to me, I find a feeling of introspection settles over me. Often the subject matter itself reflects that inner state as well. Is the work a projection of my feelings and thoughts, or does it cause those very ruminations to occur. I thinks when a piece “feels right” it causes a dialogue between itself and it’s creator. The work we make and immediately forget and let go of is not why we pursue art. It’s those pieces that maintain a relationship with us that propel us forward.

I’m still having a conversation with this piece. We’re becoming friends…

This started as an image transfer using gel medium onto watercolor paper. The statue was found in the gardens of Mission Dolores in San Francisco, a wonderful tranquil place. I applied a number of watercolor washes over it and the paper and added some tissue paper collage at the top to create texture and soak up more of the paint. I then made a couple of stamps and used acrylic paint to create the patterns around the statue.


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