More Dancing with the Paints…

Another in my series of work combining photographs of dancers in motion with paintings. The background came from a mixed media painting I had completed a long time ago (acrylics, pastels, sumi ink, modeling paste) – I’m experimenting with integrating dancers with abstract paintings to emphasize the dynamic of motion that exists in the human form and in the form of paint on paper.

There are so many wonderful themes to explore in art – movement, light, texture, shape, color, line, etc. It’s an interesting choice to decide which to include (of course, most are there in every piece, but what to focus on?). Is the piece stronger if the focus among these is narrower? Or is it just more difficult to bring them all together, and thus less likely to be successful? Sometimes complexity is interesting in and of itself – simplicity has it’s own, but different, appeal. I know I’ve created more unsuccessful pieces by attempting to include too much than I have creating pieces that I thought too simple. The challenge with the latter group is more often not feeling like they are done, and then turning them into the former group, ie too complicated.

3 responses to “More Dancing with the Paints…

  1. Bob, I’ve been sitting here staring at this image. I love it! The interplay of light and motion is completely captivating. And especially for me because that is what I also try to work with… I started a blog myself a few weeks ago, but haven’t added much to it yet. You’ve inspired me!

  2. What a family! Talent to spare. I love the the dancers and the model. (Where’s she turning. . . I think away, but what do I know?)
    Hey, now I have two blogs to check every day. Thanks, Bob.

  3. When I look at this piece I see the dancer moving into the space of the painting and animating it. Look at all her arms reaching in to the left hand space! and it looks like her fan is turning into a Shamanic rattle.

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