Victorian Enigma

There’s something Victorian about the bearing of this model – perhaps it’s the hat, the shawl, the attitude, the position of her hands…

The Victorian era had a fascination with mechanical devices, the industrial revolution spawning interest in anything with gears. I superimposed a nautilus shell, nature’s own gear wheel, over the figure to depict this relationship. Is her inner life turning on the teeth of these gears?

I wonder what she is pondering in her introspective pose?

3 responses to “Victorian Enigma

  1. Wow…. this painting really has a strong resonance with me …
    it reminds me of the egyptian cat goddess Sekhmet , her striking pose, nad ieven more interesting my conncetion with sekhment always involves water…so the shells are like an amazing intricate inner water work ..

    thanks for sharing your art

    .. Milliande

  2. Great textures and feeling here, Bob. The blood red color is foreboding. I’m really impressed with these pieces and the direction you are going, combining mediums. Nice!

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