Art Studios

I thought I’d share with you the art studios here at the Cornelis estate – I always like seeing other artist’s studios so thought I’d share our with you.

This is my “new” painting studio – a TV room converted to a higher calling (many thanks to my wife for suggesting it!). I had not had a place for painting for a number of years so this comes as a welcome return to being able to make a mess and leave it there! You can see my table of monoprints in progress – the trick with these is to start a bunch at once and then refine them incrementally, so there is usually quite an array of them lying about. I’m still getting settled in, so it will undoubtedly get messier over time.

Below is my digital printing studio (aka Color Folio). This is where my day job happens – making large format fine art prints for artists all over the country. I’ve been doing this full time for the past 10 years. As you can imagine, I get to see all sorts of artwork during my day, both photography and paintings!

You can see my drum scanner (the monolithic tower in the middle), 60″ Epson printer and a bunch of computers. This is also where (in my spare time) I do my own photographic work, some of which you see on the walls. Lately, as you know, I’ve been taking paintings I’ve made and combining them on the computer with photographic work, mostly figurative.

Later this year my wife and I will be participating in our local open studios art tour in Sonoma County. I will be opening Color Folio (which doubles as a gallery) and my wife will also be showing her work. Here she is standing in front of her art studio:

As you can see, we’ve dedicated a lot of space to producing art!

7 responses to “Art Studios

  1. I felt I know you a bit better, bob and susan! I’m glad you can – and I’m sure you already did – produce great art in a warm and beautiful environment! In fact, these days I come upon a Jack London book , the Valley of the Moon, which takes place not far away from your place! (Ok, thisd one is a bit racist and suprematist as ideology, but I still love Jack London’s Yukon’s stories and Martin Eden! )

    and I thought wow! susan and bob are living not far away from where the farm of the London’s (in real life) and the action of the book is taking place!

  2. Hi there Bob

    Great blog you have here and I like the way you write – it’s really easy going and friendly. Your studio looks like a nice space to work in although maybe you could do with some more surfaces to put stuff on, having said that, you’d probably immediately cover them up and still need some more…hm………….
    Have you ever thought about monotyping onto any digital art output or even a single or double layer image ( I get the impression you often seem to like to intersperse lots of these)?
    I’d be interested if you do.

    Thanks by the way for your comments on my blog which were especially welcome as I have been feeling so rotten with my ‘health’ difficulties. Things are much improved now pain wise though it is still around just not so constant nor intense.

    better go now –it’s bedtime here in Edinburgh, Scotland.

    best wishes


  3. Danu

    Thanks for the comment! Yes, we live not too far from Jack London’s place – we went there years ago, but haven’t been there since we moved to the area! Isn’t that typical?

    I’ll post an image of what the “bear trap” really is…

  4. Hello Aine!

    Thanks for the kind words about the blog. I do need more surfaces, in fact this weekend more will appear! But never enough… I haven’t monotyped onto digital output, mainly because I’m still so new at the monotyping that I suspect I would ruin the relatively expensive digital output. However, I suspect this is in my future and I’ll certainly post any decent results.

    I am glad to hear your health problems are improving – I’m sure you’ll be happy to get back to all the things you want to be doing!

  5. Great to see you have a dedicated area for your Painting now Bob! I’m looking forward to installing my new sound studio set up, as we re-locate permanently down to Almeria province. It kind of fires the creative juices when you set to work in a new environment, don’t you think?

  6. This is so great to see the places where you make art, Bob! Such lovely and inspiring places, like Susan’s studio too.
    In the new place I have bought, where we will move soon, where I am doing my new atelier/gallery, Kevin has started converting the small bathroom into my monoprints (the ones I call monotipos) area! He has built a big table above the bath itself, along the whole length, with two levels, the upper one is the working table and underneath, just covering the bath, the place where I put the prints when they just have been done. I tried it once shortly before we left, it worked fine! But I can’t wait to go back there to make some new ones!

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