The “Bear Trap”

In my last post I had a shot of my wife and her art studio. One of my visitors keenly noted what he referred to as a large “bear trap” in her garden. And, indeed, it did look like one was there ready to spring shut! So I thought I’d alleviate any fears people might have about the safety of our property by showing what that was.

Years ago we made an “art trade” with a local metal sculptor – a painting for a dragon. He resides happily and peacefully in the garden near Susan’s studio, though lately he has been getting a bit overtaken by the plants growing up around him! Next year we may have to relocate him to a new home…

2 responses to “The “Bear Trap”

  1. I can see why this fearsome beastie was mistaken for a bear trap, Bob!
    In the last few days, I’ve been attempting to “tame” our Palm tree, perched precariously atop a ladder, hacking away at the branches. This dragon’s sinuous body with its pointed scales, reminds me of the treacherous curved branches, edged as they are with wicked thorns. Invariably, as I cut one, it fails to fall cleanly to the ground, preferring instead to impale itself in the flesh of my arm on its way down. Give me a dragon any day!

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