Inside and Outside


I thought I’d share a small view of our surroundings – it’s such a beautiful time of year. I spent most of the weekend gardening – next weekend I’ll definitely use sunscreen while I put in the vegetables!

This panoramic shot is the view from the back of our house – we have windows all along the length so we get to see this from just about everywhere. This is facing east so the sun rises here every morning. Usually there is fog sitting down in the valley but we’re above it most of the time. It can make for a pretty spectacular light show.

I haven’t spent much time painting lately – I’m going to blame it on spending most of my weekend time outside. Once the temperatures get too hot to do much of that I’ll get back to it.

I’m just about done with the Universal Meaning series. I may have one or two more after this to show. While I’m working on a new series I may post some photography I had put together last year to pass the time here. Hope you all don’t find it too confusing to go back and forth between painting and photography (sometimes I find it confusing!).


Elation, 15 x 20 Acrylic on Illustration Board

2 responses to “Inside and Outside

  1. I would be happy just looking at that every morning, Bob! And don’t feel guilty not to have painted a few days or so… It will reflect somehow in your painting, all that spring light and air…It always does…

    Me too, I’m cought in looking at the spring comming – regarding every morning the blade of grass (oh, Whitman!) growing greener…Stil no leafs yet but they say we will have some good 24-25 Celsius this week end and the nature will go crazy with green and such… I even prepared my bycicle!

    Happy spring my friend! (to you and Susan)

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