Making the Invisible Visible


“If you are not willing to see more than is visible, you won’t see anything.”

– Ruth Bernhard

When I look at some things, I see just what is visible. I see enough to know what they are and how to interact with them – these are the everyday things in life.

But when I look at something with the intention of turning it into a piece of artwork, I need to see with more than my eyes. I need to see with my memories, my hopes, my fantasies, my fears. I need to see into the future, as well as the past. I need to see with your eyes as well, wondering how you will see this thing when I’m done. I need to see with “what if…”. I need to see not with my eyes, but through them, with greater depth, from a deeper place.

Visual arts are all about seeing more than is visible, infusing the thing rendered with all those invisible dimensions so that it becomes more than what it seemed at first glance.

Our art then becomes an invitation to the viewer to see with more than their eyes as well.

One response to “Making the Invisible Visible

  1. We come to our work with our histories, memories, experiences, visual identity and the viewer comes to our work with their history, memories, experiences and we hope for a connection.

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