Season of Change?

bunker, photograph

“When the path continues to be blocked it’s probably time to change lanes.”

– Birgit O’Connor

I think the key word in this quote is continues. It implies that being blocked is natural and that patience will often be the cure. But what if the block continues? Perhaps then it is time to alter course, try something different. As in all things, art mimics life. How many unsatisfactory situations do we find ourselves in where we’re not sure if we’re giving up to soon if we change direction? Where does the discrimination come from to know?

I had a hatha yoga teacher once who would put the class in some tortuous pose and keep us there until someone finally gave up – as soon as that happened, he’d let us all up. The lesson was that if you just kept on a little longer you’d reach your goal.

As artists we all go through periods of feeling blocked. Over the last year I’ve been fairly productive, producing a lot of images. But lately I’ve felt stymied, not sure what I want to work on, not feeling what I’m doing is going anywhere. Not even sure if I’m pursuing the right medium!

For now, though, I’m going to keep holding the pose and see what happens.

How do you handle creative blocks that persist?

5 responses to “Season of Change?

  1. Lovely blog, Bob. You wrote of the Hatha Yoga teacher holding the pose till someone gave up, and your comment that the lesson was if you kept going a little longer you’d reach your goal! Gosh, I read the description and my conclusion was, “Drat, if I would have quit sooner, I would have helped everyone else get out of that darn pose too!” 🙂

  2. I’m with Laura on this. I thought that the instructor was wanting someone to be the first and that would help release the others.

    Sometimes, being blocked is not blocked, it’s art gestation time while one’s subconscious works on future inspiration. Other times, we might need rest, or we’re not being fed good art food and getting enough support.

    In any case, time has a way of moving us forward as we patiently do what we can.

    I love this “bunker.” It looks magical. Perhaps a place to meditate as nature envelops the area.

  3. I think I’ve shared some of your feelings over the past year, and I wonder how much of it is resulting from the turmoil the world seems to be in right now, especially how the economy relates to art. If there is doubt or questioning, maybe that’s an opportunity to expand a persons knowledge and abilities.

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