Bored No More

Amidst the Vines, photograph

“Artists never seem to get bored with life.”

– John Kurtz

For the first 40 years or so of my life I was not a creative sort. I certainly was not practicing any form of art. When I look back on that time I now wonder how I filled the enormous void that is now occupied by my creative pursuits.

As an artist, there is always something new to do. It’s impossible to perfect our practice of art and the array of opportunity for improvement and exploration is limitless. How can we get bored with all that potential staring us in the face? What did I do in the past that was this exciting?

It is a tremendous gift to be an artist. We constantly play by the shore of the ocean of creativity. So many people I know feel they can’t make art, believe there is some gene they’re lacking. I know this is not true in the least. It only takes a willingness to take the first few steps, to let the ocean’s waves begin to lap at our ankles, to experience the vast realm of what could be.

I guarantee you, you’ll never be bored again…


6 responses to “Bored No More

  1. The concept of “making art” is certainly appealing, and the doing of it is very fulfilling. I enjoy your ability to put these feelings into words! And yes, very nice image as well. That lovely curve makes it for me.

  2. An painter in our parish who is now in his ’80s visits seniors’ homes to talk about being an artist and lead workshops with the residents. He told me a few weeks ago how delightful it is to watch people who think, or have even been told, they have no artistic talent, come alive with a brush in their hand.

  3. I never thought I had any creativity in me, but now that I’ve ‘rediscovered’ photography and started my own blog I’m finding out that maybe I do have it in me. I know that it’s a challenge, it’s not easy in the least and it fills one with self-doubt, but now that I’m doing it, I see no escape for me. It driving me forward. To what, I’m not sure, but I think it’ll be exciting getting there.

    Thanks for a great post – your art is an inspiration!


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