“Do artists ever really take a vacation?”

Eileen Doughty

If they do, I think it is rarer than for most.

First of all, for few artists is their art just a job. I suppose there are folks like this, especially in the commercial art world, and maybe they need a break from the grind. But for most artists, they get nourishment from their art. Often a break from that kind of sustenance is actually painful.

Secondly, artists tend to view everything they do as potential material or inspiration for their art. So even when they’re not “working”, they’re working. I’ve done some of my best work when I thought I was doing something else entirely, like being on vacation.

Finally, what’s more fun than making art? Vacations are just going to a new place to make help you make some more art.

The integration of doing what you love (making art) and the rest of your life is just another one of the perks that comes with the territory.

6 responses to “Vacations

  1. I see being an artist less as a job description than as a description of who I am. It’s more an internal trait than an external one that you can turn on and off at will. Lovely shot!

  2. Very nice image, Bob. Really great colors and a great way to depict California’s Christmas season where we still have fall colored leaves on trees and sidewalks!!

    As to your thoughts, I couldn’t agree more. The line between work and play is invisible at times for me; only when I have to edit/caption/file/organize do I find it ‘work’ but making and editing images is play.

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