Out on a Limb

vapors 54, photograph

“Why not go out on a limb? Isn’t that where the fruit is?”

Frank Scully

I have mixed feelings when creating new work that is new and different. First there is the excitement of creating something (hopefully) unique. But there is also the uncertainty of whether I’ve strayed down a path that no one will join me on. Going out on a limb can be a lonely place – exhilarating, but scary.

Not only is there risk to the ego, but there is real risk to the pocketbook as well. Often a financial investment is required, to print and frame the work, to enter it in shows (usually there are application fees), to ship it to remote venues, etc. I guess you have to pay to play.

But, indeed, the best fruit hangs at the end of the limb. Playing it safe in the art world is usually not a recipe for success and even if some success occurs, it’s not as personally rewarding as that which comes with greater risk. It’s when I take risks creating something new that I feel that I’m coming closer to expressing myself honestly.

So I’ll continue to experiment, to try new ideas, print and show new work (much of which will probably end up in my storage unit!) – hopefully I’ll harvest some sweet fruit along the way!

9 responses to “Out on a Limb

  1. Boy do I know what you are talking about; except for the paying to enter shows which is not customary in Canada. (One can easily go broke entering US based shows without ever securing an exhibition spot!) The storage of framing supplies and unsold gallery work is one of my banes right now.

  2. Actually i was talking about the setup lights you used in your creation as I am much interested in this genre aka smoke photography. But I am novice and ignorant enough.

  3. I think this is your best smoke image to date. I know you can’t necessarily control the composition, but in this case you really nailed a beautiful one. The complementary colors add another dimension entirely. Going out on the limb is really working! Wonderful.

  4. I think it is necessary to reach for those fruits at the ends of the branches at times, even if no one follows you there. If you don’t gain a new direction or type of work, the experience alone can sometimes applied to some of your work closer to the trunk.

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