About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I am an artist living in Northern California (wine country to be specific). I primarily do fine art photography, but have also dabbled in various painting mediums in the past (pastels, acrylics, monoprinting). This blog is intended to be a place I can interact with others about things artistic that interest me.

My current interests include alternative photographic printing processes such as palladium and cyanotype, handsetting letterpress and bookmaking. Lately I’ve been combining these three efforts to produce handmade fine art photography books.

My wife, Susan, is a professional painter and workshop instructor (www.imaginewithart.com) who writes a popular art blog (susancornelis.wordpress.com).

I also own a Digital Fine Art Printing business (www.colorfolio.com) so I get to work with many artists helping them make large format reproductions of their art.

8 responses to “About Me

  1. Hi Bob,

    Couldn’t find a way to answer your nice email, so I posted a thank you on my blog….not sure if that worked. So I googled you and here you are. Nice work!…..all of it. My to do list is very long with things to try other than abstract painting. Don’t know where you get the time to do all the different media.


  2. hello fellow Sonoma-County-person/artist
    i came across your blog by way of several other blogs, and totally enjoyed my visit. your work is so imaginative, and thought provoking.

    i especially enjoyed your commentary and the quotes you included with each post.

    say hello to Susan for me.

  3. Hi Bob;
    Very artistic, unique photography! I really like the in-between the color blending and motion transferring.
    I am really happy to know someone out there exploring the things myself is doing….
    the Passion and dream sounded very similar….
    Please allow me to introducing my self … Susan Fan-Brown, and My work can see in

    anyway, I will try to see your open studio this weekend. to know more about your art works.
    beautiful done, through the mind not just eyes.


  4. What incredible talent you have. I have enjoyed perusing through your various posts. Your artwork is stunning and incredibly imaginative and creative. Very happy to have happened upon your blog.

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