Torn Asunder

not quite myself, photograph

“Collage is the noble conquest of the irrational, the coupling of two realities, irreconcilable in appearance, upon a plane which apparently does not suit them.”

Max Ernst

Sometimes I like to experiment with “photocollage”, taking textures or multiple exposures and layering them to combine them in unique ways. Working with planes of content, manipulating them in ways to convey new meaning, breaking them down, reconstituting them. The dissonance that results from combining or breaking apart is stimulating.

The lines are blurring between photography and general mixed media fine art as photographers start incorporating new elements in their work and other artists begin to use photographic components in theirs. I like this ambiguity as it creates new space for both types of artists to explore and find new meaning.

Instead of relying on the subject alone to make the point, this approach allows me to layer additional information through how I add to it or change it. It’s very exciting to look at the photographs I take and hear them ask me, “And now what?”.

Anything that perpetuates the creative moment and inspires you to look for more to say is good.

Mixed Media Collage Adventures

In addition to photography, I also have done some painting in recent years, mainly pastels, but also some acrylics. I really like the textural capabilities of both of these mediums.

This piece is a recent effort in mixed media collage. I started with a background made using acrylics, soft and oil pastels and tissue paper. I then took pieces of giclee prints of 2 of my paintings that I did of street scenes in San Francisco and added them to this background.

Collage is very challenging for me because there is so much you can do and knowing when to stop or what is too much for the eye is not always obvious. My plan is to integrate this type of work with some of the experiments I’m doing with image transfers and overprinting with inkjet printers.

Yikes, my wife tells me I’m making all of this too complication and, as usual, she’s right! But it does make it interesting to see what happens.