Inner Moonlight


Whorlds, 15 x 15″ Acrylic on Illustration Board

“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.”

-Allen Ginsberg

I love the thought of our “inner moonlight” – usually we think of a brighter, sunnier source of illumination for our creativity. But the cool and uniquely intimate way in which moonlight reveals is a nice counterpoint to contemplate. Perhaps it is a better way to expose our madness.

Of course, there is that association between madness and artists. I think this madness exists along a spectrum, from the truly insane to the mildly eccentric.

Can one be a really great artist and not fit somewhere along that line? Can one be completely normal, sane, even boring and still produce art that is rich and exciting? Or maybe no one is really normal, sane or boring – what their inner moonlight reveals is always a bit twisted, no matter the external appearance.

At least with art we have a way to share our madness with others in a fairly harmless way!

5 responses to “Inner Moonlight

  1. Well, probably compared to Allen Ginsberg, I am completely normal, sane, definitely boring, and still trying to produce art that is rich and exciting. I think I hold tight to my sanity because once it goes, it may never return. I love this painting, and I love the title just as much. And I would like to purchase one of your recent small paintings. . . will you email me at marycbuek (at) aol (dot)(com) and let me know how much I need to save up. Are you like K-mart, accepting lay-aways? I’m pretty near to broke, but I want art.

  2. Mary

    I guess it is all relative and perhaps Ginsberg is not the ideal reference point – although he does serve the purpose of making the rest of us feel more normal!

    I’m touched and honored that you’re interested in something from this series – I’ll email you…

  3. Being a bit mad myself (or mildly eccentric, I’m not sure…) you are right, bob, and you are right, susan! sharing the madness is a good thing and being an artist to do it (of course, you have to have something extra than simple madness…) is also excellent… that will do for me…

    Mary (hi, Mary!) being near to broke, I am myself broke broke and never was otherwise in the last 10 years or so (but I don’t worry, I’m happy!) so, I will propose you and susan another type of “deal”… If any of my paintings reproduced on my blog get your attention and you like it, I will be willing to do the same stuff as Vincent (?van Gogh, of course…) Exchanges… He did exchanged with Paul Gauguin, with guillaumin, with Emil Bernard etc. So, if you want to follow that bunch, Ok with me. And if not, also ok with me… (But, of course, would prefer to be in their steps…)

  4. great and thoughtful entry (I have often wondered the same) and beautiful art! 🙂
    I did an art-swap this year! I’m so happy about it and can recommend it. A great way to both get some new inspiring and “mind-widening” art for your walls, as well as get your own work “disributed” (harsh word for a delicate thing.. :-/ not on top of my english skills here..) for more people to discover it.

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